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Veterans Day is coming up and the Tulare County Museum needs your help!  

Tulare County Museum is working to commemorate the centennial of the American Legion on November 9, 2019. We are asking teachers to complete a lesson during the month of October in their classrooms with their students to learn about history and the military service, depending on the grade level, and at the end of the lesson cut out a poppy (that the museum will provide) and write a letter to an active service member or veteran on the back.

The museum will be collecting these poppies and creating a display in the museum that will be unveiled on November 9 at 11:00 with a ceremony.

Available Resources:
  • A flyer with more information about our project and how you can be involved
  • A list of essential questions for each grade level to help guide lessons
  • A list of additional resources to help bring history to life such as documentaries, podcasts, art, music, and lesson resources/ideas
  • Poppies printed on red paper for your students to cut out and write a letter on the back
  • A Veteran Request Form (if you would like a veteran to come and speak with your class or several classes we are partnering with local veterans to provide that to teachers)
  • A letter encouraging students and their families to attend the unveiling ceremony

If you are interested in participating, please contact the museum so that we can hold a space for your class poppies in the display that we are creating and also so we can deliver your packet of resources to you at your school. If you are interested in a veteran visiting your class, please fill out the form and submit to the museum so we can pair you with a veteran that has matching availability. Finally, when you have had the students cut out the poppies and write their letters, contact the museum so staff can pick them up and they will be included in the display.

Tulare County Museum is so excited for this project and would like as much participation as we can get to bring awareness of this important history to our community with the help of our local students!

If you have any questions please contact Amy King at or 559-624-7326.