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Expanding Your Horizons VIRTUAL Event
Recorded Sessions

Bones! - Rebekah Villalta

Learn about the anatomy of the human skeletal system from your head to your toes. We will be exploring what each bone looks like and how the skeleton is put together as we build our own movable dancing paper skeletons. It’s going tibia lot of fun!
Materials Needed: Black and white handouts (on website) and brads (paper clips will work as well.)
Handouts: Bones Flip Book, Mrs. Skeleton, Coloring Book of Bones

Can We Grow a New Head? - Melanie LeGro

Do you ever wonder how salamanders can regrow a brand new tail? Are humans able to regrow their own tissues? Join me to learn about how scientists study stem cell biology and tissue regeneration. We will be learning the key methods and tools used to study the genes that control tissue regeneration in flatworms.
Handouts: Can We Grow a New Head Worksheet, Can We Grow a New Head Worksheet Answer Key, Planaria Presentation

Coding With Scratch - UPHS Robotics Team

This workshop is from a local high school robotics team, UPHS Robotics. In this workshop students will learn to write code using Scratch, a drag and drop based software. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Designing With TinkerCAD - UPHS Robotics Team

This workshop is from a local high school robotics team, UPHS Robotics. In this workshop, students will use TinkerCAD, an educational drag and drop CAD software, to design a house. In the process they will gain a fuller understanding of design principles. No materials other than a laptop and internet connection are necessary.

Electricity Within Robotics - UPHS Robotics Team

This workshop is from a local high school robotics team, UPHS robotics. In this workshop students will build a flashlight from common materials. Through the process, students will learn about electricity and robotics concepts.

Healthy Hands, Healthy Hearts - Alisha Renteria and Erin Miller

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a nurse? You will hear about the different and exciting fields a nurse can work in. We will also talk about healthy hands and healthy hearts. Using a black light technology you'll see how important hand washing is in the fight against sickness. You will also learn the basic steps to performing lifesaving CPR.

How Am I Supposed to Choose a Lifelong Career at 18? - Annabelle McCarthy

In this workshop, Annabelle will tell you all about the many different careers she has considered for her future, and how she decided on a major she is excited about. Along the way, we'll talk about birds and how you can start birding today - right here in the Central Valley! When you leave this workshop, instead of wondering which job you want to work for the rest of your life, you'll ask yourself: which problem in the world do I want to solve?
Links to birding resources.

How to Hack Someone's Muscles - COS STEM Clubs

Whenever you move or contract a muscle, the brain has sent it electrical signals to make it move. In this experiment, we will use that principle to have one person move another person's muscles.

Levitation With Supercooled Magnets - COS STEM Clubs

In this workshop we will demonstrate what happens to special magnets when you pour liquid nitrogen over them and explain the concepts of magnetic levitation.

Make Your Own Magnet - Rachel Owens

Learn about the science of magnets and make your own electromagnet during this hands-on workshop.
Materials Needed: 1 steel nail (3 to 4 inches long), (1) 3V battery, (1) long section of wire w/ the ends stripped, A couple paperclips, A small piece of masking tape, ~1 inch long (not necessary, but very helpful)

Oreo Tectonics - Kerry Ford

Students will make a model of Earth's crust using Oreo cookies. With the model, we will see how tectonic plates interact and the forces that cause the interactions. We will also discover why these plate interactions create earthquakes and volcanoes around the world!
Materials Needed: Worksheet (can be found on the website), pencil, (5) sandwich cookies

Rainbow in a Jar - COS STEM Clubs

In this workshop we will demonstrate the concepts of density with liquids of different colors.
Materials Needed: Measuring cup (¼ cup), Measuring spoons, Clear long plastic cups (6), 1 1/2 cups of warm water (1/4 cup for each cup), Mixing spoon, Food coloring, 1 1/4 cups Sugar

Wild Animal Handling: Expanding My Horizons - E&M Reptile Family

Join Eric Johnson of E&M Reptile Family to learn what it takes to be a wild animal handler. Eric will walk you through a typical day with the animals. Learn more about the path Eric took to get to the Central Valley as an educator, rescuer and lover of wildlife.

Recorded Demos

Elephant Toothpaste - COS STEM Clubs

Elephant Toothpaste demonstrates a cool chemical reaction which creates a foamy surprise that looks like something an elephant would squeeze out of their toothpaste tube!

Exploding Pumpkins - COS STEM Clubs

We will explain principles of gases and demonstrate how a flammable expanding gas can be use to create an explosion. Poor pumpkins will get carved from the inside out.

Science With Fire - COS STEM Clubs

Fire has been an important tool for humankind for thousands of years and it continues to be an important part of the study of science. By study heat we can determine how many calories food contains. By studying light, we can determine how hot and how far a distant star is. This workshop will give two of the favorite demonstrations for COS science students: The Flaming Gummy Bear will demonstrate the reaction of sugar to oxidizing gases; The Whoosh Bottle will demonstrate the principles of the "Fire Triangle."

Join us for a Fun and Informative Day!

Discover how interesting and fun math and science can be.
Learn about career opportunities for women in mathematics, science, engineering and technology. Form personal contacts with women working in occupations traditionally held by men. Meet other young women interested in science and math.
The conference begins with a group welcome and the rest of the day is spent attending workshops presented by women whose careers involve mathematics, science, engineering or technology. These hands-on seminars provide an opportunity for young women, grade four through ten, to experiment in specific areas of interest, such as engineering or chemistry. Each participant will attend three workshops. 
Visit Tulare County Office of Education's official Expanding Your Horizons site to learn more.

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November 7, 2020

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