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Regional Event Details

TCOE can help you to host a local Cardboard Challenge, or join us for a mini Cardboard Challenge at next year's STEAM Expo at the TCOE Planetarium & Science Center

Event Contacts:

Juliana Davidian
Student Event Coordinator
(559) 651-3003

Jared Marr
Staff Development & Curriculum Specialist - STEM & CCR


Inspired by the short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade,’ the Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event originally founded by the Imagination Foundation, and facilitated by Tulare County Office of Education.

The Global Cardboard Challenge is a free opportunity for children to play and learn by using simple materials to build the things they imagine. The Cardboard Challenge lets children explore their interests and passions, teaches valuable 21st Century skills like critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork, and brings communities together to foster and celebrate child creativity.

Annually in the month of October, kids of all ages are invited to build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Campuses who participate then invite kids to bring their creations -- and even make more on site.  

2019 Cardboard Challenge Event

Alila Elementary School 2018 Cardboard Challenge Event

Woodville Elementary School 2017 Cardboard Challenge Event

About How Cardboard Challenge Got Its Start