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ELD PD Opportunities

Leveraging Elementary Academic Text to Deepen Language Proficiency

  • Dates: 11 – 11 Jan, 2022
  • Location: Via Zoom

How can elementary teachers leverage academic texts to deepen their English learners' language proficiency? This two-hour webinar, with embedded pre-session work and follow-up application, will equip teachers to select high quality mentor texts in order to build students' ability to effectively express themselves in written and oral formats. Teachers will learn how to guide their students to effectively make meaning by analyzing texts and text excerpts for critical text features.

Through whole group integrated ELD and small group designated ELD, students practice and incorporate these sophisticated language structures into their repertoire, thereby increasing proficiency in English. Through the process, English learners develop critical skills to engage with and produce academic language and texts, to both leverage linguistic strengths and address needs.

Audience: site administrators, district staff and administrators, COE staff, other parent liaisons/teacher on special assignment focused on family engagement.

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