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TC² – Tulare County Technology Challenge - is an event where students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their 21st Century 4 Cs skills. While they will select which challenge they will compete in and practice those skills in advance, they will not know the topic for their challenge until the event begins. Student teams will research, write, and create the project for their technology challenge on site.

Teams will consist of 1-4 students in grades: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and high school. 

  • Language Arts Concepts Interactive Posters – Students will create an interactive digital poster explaining a language arts concept. The poster must be interactive.
  • STEM-related Websites – Students will create a website explaining a STEM concept or topic. The website must be interactive using well designed multimedia components.
  • Math Infographics - Teams of 1-4 students will create a math-based infographic. The single graphic should explain one idea in math in an interesting, visually appealing and interactive way.
  • Book trailer movies– Students will create a maximum 90 second movie about a book in movie trailer style. 
  • Google Maps History Trips - Students will create a “walk-through” summary of a predetermined historical character or event using Google map tools. The project must have a minimum of 6 placemarks.

Teams will sign up for their challenge in advance. They should also select which tools they will use to create their project, and practice using them before the event. Last year's event was held online, with submissions provided to our judging team, to review remotely. This year, we'll be at the Visalia Convention Center.

Hands-On Training Opportunities

In preparation for TC2, training sessions were provided covering tools used to create a History Trip, Book Trailer, Interactive Poster, Infographic, or Website.

Become a TC2 Judge!

Judges play an important role in the success of the Tulare County Technology Challenge. In addition to scoring presentations according to a rubric, judges also give written feedback to students on the strengths, as well as suggestions for improvement, of their presentations. Coaches and students rely on this feedback for next year's preparation. And the best part of being a judge: You have the best seat in the house!

2016 Tulare County Tech Challenge Student Submissions