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The purpose of the Student Tech Showdown competition is to integrate International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students into research and presentation skills. It is a chance for students to showcase research, digital citizenship, collaboration, communication and design skills using technology. A team of two to three students will compete against teams from other schools.

In accordance with the design thinking process, students will be given a challenge. The challenge will be to create a presentation on the spot based on previous research from the given scenario, incorporating the randomly selected apps. Students then interpret the design challenge, and ideate as a team. Next, students begin building their presentation. After the first draft of their presentation, students will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback from other teams. They then consider this feedback and evolve their presentation.

Teachers interested in more information on Tulare County Tech Rodeo, or who are interested in attending the Tech Rodeo event, click here.

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Event Details

Event Date:
January 18, 2020

Porterville Military Academy
900 Pioneer Ave., Porterville

Event Contact:

Paula Terrill
Student Event Coordinator
(559) 651-0565

Event Forms and Materials:

Event Handbook

Online Registration
due December 13, 2019

Media Release
due December 13, 2019

Event Rubric
Event Prompt