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Event will be held on December 2, 2017

Event Contact Info

Paula Terrill
Student Event Coordinator
(559) 651-0565

Katherine Goyette
Technology & Integrated Studies Consultant

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Tulare County CyberQuest

CyberQuest is a student-centered, problem-based learning activity designed to lead students to apply higher-level thinking skills in an authentic public speaking arena. Students apply research skills to a standards-based, curriculum-oriented thematic project. The work culminates in a multimedia presentation before a panel of judges and a public audience.

CyberQuest has grown from 25 teams to almost 100 teams. Our continued success is based on the hard work of teachers and volunteers throughout the educational and business communities.

Founded in Tulare County in 1998, CyberQuest is a student event that features research, presentation, and multimedia production. Students, grades 4-12, work in teams to create their solution to a scenario in a three-week period of time and then present their findings in a presentation that combines multimedia with speaking skills. The CyberQuest competition stresses the use of the National Education Technology Standards for Students.

Specifically, they address:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concept
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2017 event scenario:

​A​ ​Superhero’s​ ​Journey​ ​Through​ ​History -- click to view flyer (Adobe PDF)

Your quest is to create a concept​ for a fictional superhero who by their actions revises the
course of history. Place your superhero into a historical event or period of your choice, within
the parameters of the history/social science content standards listed below, according to your
grade level.

State your superhero’s unique superpowers and/or abilities, assessing how he/she could have
altered the course of history, thereby demonstrating your knowledge related to historically
significant events. Be sure to include historically accurate chronology, geography, alternate
points of view, and cause and effect as part of your presentation. You are encouraged to use
the design thinking process to help create your historical superhero.

Present your fictional superhero concept​ in an eight minute multimedia presentation, to be
followed by a series of questions from the judges. (Note, in keeping with prior competitions,
props are not allowed and therefore, the prototype of your superhero and/or costumes is NOT to
be included in your presentation).

Projects will be scored based on the following: citations of research revealing an understanding
of multiple aspects of historical significance including chronology, geography, alternate points of
view, and cause and effect, as well as the effectiveness of the multimedia presentation itself
(visual and oral presentation skills). Evaluation criteria regarding both team research and
presentation will be in alignment with the grade level English Language Arts Standards
identified (see below).

History/social studies standards, along with design thinking principles are provided, solely, for your reference 

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2016 Rankings
(All Scored Superior)
Downloadable version (Adobe PDF)

 4th Grade Division
  School  Team Name 
1st  Palm School  The Gifted Panther Pack 
2nd  Palm School  The Cyber Panthers 
3rd  Cutler Elementary  Cutler Elementary 4th Grade Team 
5th Grade Division 
  School  Team Name 
1st  St. Anne's School  For All-Ogists 
2nd  Summit Charter Academy Lombardi  Lombardi Bears 
3rd  Golden Valley Elementary  Techno Four 
6th Grade Division 
  School  Team Name 
1st  Crestwood Elementary  Survivors 
2nd  St. Anne's School  N.A.M.D.D. 
3rd  Crestwood Elementary  When Disaster Strikes 
Additional Superior Teams 
  Elbow Creek Elementary  Legends of Weather 
  Elbow Creek Elementary  Brain Storm 
7th Grade Division 
  School  Team Name 
1st  Ridgeview Middle School  Raptor Team #1 
2nd  St. Anne's School  Natural Disaster Masters
3rd  Ridgeview Middle School  Raptor Team #2 
8th Grade Division 
  School  Team Name 
1st  St. Anne's School  Game Shakers 
2nd  El Monte Middle School  Moon Pegasus 
3rd  Valley Oak Middle School  Masters of Disasters 
High School Division 
  School  Team Name 
1st  Tulare Union High School  The New Yorks 
2nd  Tulare Western High School  Tulare Western Team 1 
3rd  Tulare Western High School  Tulare Western Team 2