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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Common Core Connect - Summative Assessment Informational Page

What is the Smarter Balanced Assessment System?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment System is built from three components:

  • Summative Assessments, which are designed for annual accountability purposes
  • Interim Assessments, which are designed to support classroom teaching and student learning throughout the entire school year
  • The Digital Library, which is designed to support classroom-based formative assessment processes by providing resources for teachers to hone their craft.

Summative Assessments are comprehensive end-of-year assessments designed to accurately describe student achievement and learning growth in a reliable and fair manner, providing valid measures of students’ progress toward, and attainment of the knowledge and skills required to be college- and career-ready.  Through the use of modern computer adaptive testing and performance tasks, the Summative Assessment is designed to provide efficient and precise measurement across the full range of student achievement, while providing a quick turnaround of results.

Must be Performed at the End of Year

Summative Assessments are mandatory comprehensive accountability measures that include computer adaptive assessments and performance tasks, and are to be administered within a distinct time window, based on a school year calendar.  

The 12-week Summative Assessment window for grades 3-8 begins at 66% of the instructional year completed.  A 7-week Summative Assessment window for grade 11 begins at 80% of the instructional year completed. 


Summative Assessment items are secure, and must not be shared publicly.  

Administering Summative Assessments

Summative Assessments are administered in the same way as Interim Assessments. The Test Administrator (TA) must use the Test Administrator Interface and the student must log onto the test through the secure browser.

Scoring Summative Assessments

The majority of responses on Summative Assessments are machine scored - same as with Ingterim Assessments.  Open-ended responses are handscored by a Test Administrator. Machine-scored results will be held until all open-ended portions of the test have been handscored and submitted. Once all results are in, they will be combined to generate a student report.

Summative Assessment Resources

For a full and current listing of Summative Assessment resources, please visit the CDE Website.