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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

CAASPP Resource Home

Welcome to the Common Core Connect  CAASPP Resource Home, where you'll find news and information helpful to implementing the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress in your district or school.

Questions or Comments?  Please email Laura Voshall or call her at (559) 651-3031, Ext. 3306. 


To receive regular updates and the latest information about the CAASPP system, including the Smarter Balanced assessment systems, join the California Department of Education’s CAASPP e-mail list by sending a blank e-mail to

What is the Smarter Balanced Assessment System?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment System is built from three components: 
  • Summative Assessments, which are designed for annual accountability purposes
  • Interim Assessments, which are designed to support classroom teaching and student learning throughout the entire school year
  • The Digital Library, which is designed to support classroom-based formative assessment processes by providing resources for teachers to hone their craft.

Accessibility Notes
Unlisted Resources: Requestors will receive an e-mail notification when the California Department of Education (CDE) has finished reviewing an unlisted resource request. At that point, it is important that to check the Unlisted Resources form in the Test Operations Management System to see what additional information may be needed for the approval. 

Note that in responding to a request, CDE staff might also use the “Comments” box to clarify the use or availability of the resource. After reviewing the additional information sent to you in the comment box or discussing the use of the resource with CDE staff, if you decide that the unlisted resource is still needed for the student, the request must be resubmitted for the CDE’s approval. If, on the other hand, you decide that the unlisted resource will not be necessary, there is no need to resubmit the request, and the student’s test will not reflect the use of the unlisted resource. For questions and clarification, please contact the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments Office at 916-445-8765.
Simplified Test Directions: Please note that the simplified test directions designated support allows simplification of only the directions found in the test administration manual—and not any other part of the test. In the case that a student’s individualized educational program requires test questions be restated or clarified (a resource not currently available), an unlisted resource must be requested.  For further details, see the Simplified Test Directions Guidelines

There is a new Desmos calculator for the CAASPP system for grades 6th and above in Math and 5th and above in Science.